Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles

Wrongful termination happens when an employee is fired based on reasons that are illegal under the prevailing employment and labor laws.

termination of employment

It is quite common in the Los Angeles workplace, where the “at-will” employment approach is followed. When this happens in the workplace, victims are entitled to their right to file their own wrongful termination lawsuit against their employer. To further boost their chances of success, they must seek help from Wrongful Termination Lawyers, a full-service law firm composed of top employment lawyers in Los Angeles who are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees who were subjected to such an adverse employment action by their inconsiderate employers.

With the law firm’s expertise in employment and labor law on the federal and state levels, as well as the experience in successfully delivering the best possible outcome for their clients, employees can truly obtain the justice that they deserve if they hire one of its Los Angeles wrongful termination attorneys.

employee discrimination

Employee Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your age, sex, race, disability or medical condition, color, national origin, gender, or any other characteristic that is protected under federal and state employment laws, it is important that you speak with an employment discrimination claim attorney from our Los Angeles law firm to preserve your rights.

If you are qualified to receive workers’ compensation benefits but were denied by your employer, or you have been subjected to discrimination or harassment in retaliation for exercising this right, then you need to speak with our workers compensation law attorney.

workers compensation
constructive discharge

If you quit your job recently just because your entire working environment was too abusive or hostile towards you, then you are entitled to speak with our top constructive discharge lawyers in Los Angeles, who can help you determine if you were indeed a victim of this kind of wrongful termination and be able to advise you on the next steps you need to take in order to obtain the justice you deserve.

employer violation

Our violation of public policy lawyers in Los Angeles represent clients who have been wrongfully terminated for reasons that are against the public interests’, such as exercising a constitutional or statutory right, for refusing to engage in unlawful conduct, for reporting their employers’ alleged misconduct, or for reasons that are prohibited under several legal statutes.

Qualified Legal Representation

Our topnotch lawyers are qualified to handle different types of labor and employment cases. Equipped with unmatched skills and driven by passion to help clients resolve their claims are among the outstanding characteristics of our team. Our law firm can help you in your employment case no matter how complex it is. We don’t give empty promises as we always provide the best legal services possible.

Two Decades Experience

Our law firm takes pride in its years of experience in the legal industry. Providing the best legal services to California citizens for the past two decades, our attorneys are the most qualified legal professionals who can handle your case, may it be about employment termination, discrimination, retaliation, workers compensation, and violation of public policy.

No Win No Fee Guarantee

We understand that you may not have adequate resources to pursue your employment case. Hence, our lawyers offer No Win No Fee guarantee. You don’t have to pay if your case is not resolved in your favor. This enables our team to perform their best, assuring you of the best legal services you truly deserve.

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