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The law firm handles claims of Los Angeles clients who were wrongfully terminated by their inconsiderate employers. Not only that, but the law firm’s topnotch attorneys are also equipped with the knowledge and expertise when it comes to other matters where their employment law practice is highly utilized.

Indeed, our employment attorneys in Los Angeles are also capable of handling claims of discrimination, harassment, and labor law violations, as well as other practice areas within the aspect of employment law.

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Our law firm is composed of the best employment and labor lawyers in California, some of which have been selected into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-million Dollar Advocates Forum for their topnotch display of success in securing millions of dollars in damages awards on behalf of the clients until now.

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Clients Relationship

As is the case most times, our Los Angeles employment and labor law firm represents clients—wrongfully terminated or discriminated or harassed employees—suffering from emotional distress as a result of their ordeal in the workplace. Aside from maintaining constant communication with them whenever there are developments with regards their cases, we ensure that through our professional approach in handling their cases and the way we treat them with genuine care and compassion, they are afforded the best legal services they deserve.

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Employment Discrimination

It is an established fact that employment discrimination is prohibited under prevailing federal and California employment and labor laws. But despite California’s reputation as having such laws that are protective of employees and are stringent towards employers, there are still cases wherein workers are being discriminated against because of their skin color, race, age, sex, disability, and other protected characteristics. These same adverse actions also happen to applicants, who are likewise protected by the employment and labor laws. Whenever these instances are not addressed immediately, the workplace becomes a hostile environment, resulting in victims suffering from stress and anxiety. Discriminatory actions often culminate in employers wrongfully terminating their workers, and when either of these two happens to them, asserting their rights would be of utmost importance. Our top Los Angeles employment and labor law firm provides legal assistance and representation for victims of employment discrimination.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination occurs in the workplace in a variety of ways. An employee is said to be wrongfully terminated if the employer’s decision was motivated by the former’s protected characteristic—race, age, sex, disability, marital status, gender, medical condition, etc. It is also considered such if it was in retaliation for a worker’s exercise of his or her legal right or refusal to take part in the employer’s unfair employment activity. While California is an “at-will” state where most employees can be fired with or without any reason, it should be known that employers must carry out their decision based on legal grounds. If you feel you have been wrongfully discharged from work, then it would be in your best interest to take advantage of the services of our law firm to obtain legal advice. Our Los Angeles employment and labor law firm has the resources to determine if you indeed have a case against your employer. If you do, then we will help you establish your claim, making sure that it is supported with enough evidence to point out your employer’s decision to terminate you illegally.

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Labor Law Violations

California’s labor laws protect workers from being subjected to various labor law violations, including failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, failure to provide meal and rest breaks, and employee misclassifications, to name a few. These laws, which are found in the state’s Labor Code and the wage orders from the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC), also protect workers from discrimination and retaliation, especially when they complain about unpaid wages or their employers’ engagement in an unfair labor practice. Our employment and labor law firm’s group of experienced attorneys are capable of providing excellent legal services for employees who were subjected to any violations to the prevailing labor laws in California.

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