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Workplace retaliation happens when an employee is punished or disciplined by his or her employer, boss, supervisor, manager, or any immediate superior for doing an otherwise legal right. It often involves any decision or action that negatively affects the employee’s job or work status. This includes salary deduction, demotion, job reassignment, or termination. Retaliation in the workplace may also involve the employee being subjected to unlawful discrimination or harassment. Like any form of unfair treatment in the workplace, retaliation is illegal under the prevailing federal and California laws.

but was later on disciplined in retaliation for doing so, then you are entitled to your right to file the affected employee who believes was subjected to any adverse employment action must be able to establish an employment retaliation lawsuit. That way, you may be able to recover monetary damages for your lost wages, pain and suffering damages, and other substantial relief. However, in filing a lawsuit, you need to obtain important evidence that would prove your employer’s retaliation against you.

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In this regard, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a Los Angeles retaliation attorney to provide you with legal representation and assistance. With your retaliation lawyer by your side, you would surely obtain the justice that you deserve from the inconsiderate actions of your employer.

Facts about filing your retaliation claim

A retaliation claim can be brought up if your employer or any immediate superior in the workplace failed to uphold any one of the following protections under federal and California laws:

  • Common law. In other words, you can bring a claim of retaliation if you have been subjected to adverse employment actions that are in violation of public policy. Any established statute, provision, or regulation and is imposed by agencies is considered public policy. For example, it is every right of an employee to serve as a member of the jury or cast a vote. It is also the employee’s right to file a complaint of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. It is violation of public policy to retaliate against an employee who does any of these so-called legally protected activities by demoting or terminating him or her.
  • Statutory law. There are certain statutes and provisions imposed under the federal and California levels that basically prohibit employers from subjecting their employees to workplace retaliation. Whistleblowers, for example, are entitled to their right to disclose to a government or law enforcement agency their employer’s engagement in an illegal activity that violates federal or state laws. Similarly, employees in California are protected under the FEHA, or the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), which states that retaliation is prohibited. A claim of retaliation can be filed if an employee is subjected to such in violation of the whistleblower laws or state statutes.
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With your lawyer by your side, you will be assisted in obtaining important evidence that would support your claim that you were indeed retaliated against by your employer. Such evidence would include documents in relation to the issue (e.g. emails, letters, and other correspondences), as well as statements from your co-workers or other superiors.

Also, your lawyer will act as your representative during the process of settling your claim. Regardless of the legal process, whether it is the litigation process or court trial, your attorney will make sure that the settlement amount you will receive is what you really deserve given the tremendous ordeal you experienced in the workplace.