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What is Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy?

Definition of Violation of Public Policy

About workplaces, wrongful termination has long been considered as a typical injustice being suffered by the affected workers. Since an at-will doctrine lawfully frees all employers to implement termination towards their respective employees from the job with or without any cause and also even if the employers will make such details available or not, employees who have signed and settled with this particular type of employment agreement are eventually prohibited to declare any related legal claim in the future, upon being discharged from the job.

On the contrary, to maintain an equal deal for both the employers and the employees, asserted dismissal action pursued by the employers must not be liable for any violation against all regulations stated under the public policy. In other words, firing workers with ethically and morally illegitimate reasons will be considered unlawful and is characterized as a violation of public policy.

Losing a job is no doubt a difficult turn of events. Serious damages are being delivered towards the subjected employees. These injuries can be represented by monetary damages as well as other illnesses provoked by such stressing situation. Good news is, the workers are protected by extensive employment rights empowered by the Department of Labor. Furthermore, equal employment opportunity laws are also available to ensure just employment conditions for all.

Perhaps, any occurrences of wrongful termination which violates public policy must be immediately and properly reported to the authority. Resentful workers or the wrongfully discharged employees should not tolerate this kind of unlawful decision being practiced by their respective unjust employers.

Thus, a stoutly built wrongful termination lawsuit will only be effectively pursued by the affected employees with ensuring reliable legal assistance which they may get from hiring a public policy claim attorney. Any lawyer can serve such specific complaint but keep in mind that only a wrongful termination attorney holds the best compatible legal skills and strategies which they enriched from various cases of the same nature.

Meanwhile, variations of the ethical and moral standards are experienced in different states generating unique considerations with regards to determining whether the specific action is qualified as wrongful termination or not.

What is violation of public policy?

violation of public policy

Public policy is composed of national constitutional laws and regulations. Therefore, performing specific actions that violate even the smallest part of the said ruling’s contents is to be considered as a violation of the public policy. Also, violation of the matter can be manifested by several conditions or situations which all promote inflicting damages towards all interest of the state. Qualification of offenses regarding the public policy varies but the innate and core purpose of the rule remains.

The court has been recognizing numerous public policy exceptions towards the practice of an at-will employment agreement in some jurisdictions. Moreover, courts are more likely to recognize certain public limitations under circumstances when a statutory basis is bound with concern pertaining to the question of policy unlike in situations when there is none. An at-will employment agreement is a primary exception being known by the public policy.

With the broadness of scope concerning the public policy which mainly aims to implement real and legal protection for the welfare of citizens, wrongful termination in violation of public policy case is often listed. Meanwhile, in the state of California, the Public Policy Institute of California (or the PPIC) was established. This organization is dedicated to providing essential information and framing policy debates benefiting only the state of California by focusing on improving policy responses, planning for the future, and also by understanding the drivers of change.

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